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About Me


This photograph is of me aged 6 holding one of my earliest floral designs for my grandfather's funeral.  I grew up in Lancaster in the North West of England surrounded by picturesque countryside with a love and appreciation of flowers, nature and scenery.   For the next 40 plus years which included a move south to London - work and family life intervened and it wasn't until I took redundancy in 2014 that I was able to discover my passion for flowers again.

Whilst at college and completing work experience I was given the opportunity to work with beautiful flowers for events and was stunned by the waste in the flower industry. A germ of an idea was planted and in November 2016 The Flower Bank was born.

In March 2017 I was given a ‘Do It’ Award from UnLtd, the organisation for Social Entrepreneurs, which enabled me to take the project further and broaden its original remit.

Today, with some amazing support from my Advisory Board. retailers, fellow florists, and volunteers, all with a passion for flowers and to reduce waste in the flower industry we are united in our mission to bring joy and beauty into the lives of people who can least afford it. 

Ursula  Stone

ursula stone.png
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